avoidable hinder in racquetball

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Jul 24, 2003 · An avoidable hinder should be called for two reasons. 1) Safety. An opponent will likely get hit by the racquet or ball. 2) The non-hitting …


Aug 03, 2017 · Is this an avoidable/penalty hinder?Racquetball


Oct 17, 2016 · Doubles is the most difficult hinder environment and more illustrations should be used to depict where receiving players should be located to avoid a hinder. Some players think that they must have the entire court for their shot.


Oct 04, 2015 · Cardona vs Iwaasa, 2014 FINALS WRT TourEstoy de acuerdo con el juez, Cardona hace un movimiento equivocado estorbando el tiro de Iwaasa.(Tomado del video ori…

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